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My album is here!  The official release date of ‘Let Go’ is April 15, 2014.  I’m so excited!!!


I want to make special mention of a few pledgers…

First, Larry Herman, of the infamous Phoenix-based duo, Larry and Retha. Thank you for being a part of my journey!  You can catch Larry and Retha out and about in Arizona frequenting Jazz events.  When you see them, be sure to say hello, they are quite friendly.

Next, Jack Harman, a Phoenix artist performing at some cool events soon – I met Jack while living in Phoenix.  He presents the Great American Songbook in his own style -Stay in touch with him on Facebook to find out more about where he’ll be swingin’!

Then there’s the soulful Allan Harris from New York City.  Allan is an exceptional guitarist and singer with numerous tours under his belt, as well as albums.  He’s about to embark on another world tour.  Check out this video directed by Michael Chow.  I love the black and white New York images –


And you can catch him on tour –!tour/c1l1g

P.S. – thanks Pat!!

Last, there’s the amazing Leta Eckroth.  My mother and biggest fan.  She’s also grandmother to a bunch of superstar kids, and a pretty great singer too!  My mom taught me to be a nice person and to be different.  Thanks mom! I love you:))

Well, for those of you who have read this entire blog post, here’s a link to a FREE DOWNLOAD one of the songs from the album.

Words Don’t Mean.’

2 thoughts on “THANK YOU PLEDGERS!

  1. Jim Thane

    I’m really enjoying the downloaded songs; anxious to have the actual CD in hand. (I’d be even more anxious to have a chance to hear you doing these songs again soon in Phoenix. Hope you’ll be back for another visit before too long.)

  2. Jack Harman (Frick)


    Thank you for mentioning me and appreciating my support. I’ve already got your new recordings on my main playlist and enjoying them (in random, pleasant surprises!). I have a good keyboardist most of the time ‘down here by the border – Mexico way’, but I sure do miss the more jazzy feelings you used to send through me (during those few, wonderful times we performed together).

    Coincidentally, you’ve connecting with me the week of my most exciting and first-time, big-time theater stage show. I had even been looking forward to rehearsals which just began – what a rush having a couple dozen violins, half-dozen cellos, harp, oboes, etc. flowing through me as I sing. The theater manager will capture the show and I’ll send you a copy (as long as I’m able to find your address).

    Sending you love, light, and all the best. As my lead song goes . . . THE BEST IS YET TO COME.



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