Whirlwind March!

I can't believe it's almost over... I haven't had a moment to write about it, so here it is!

I just spent an AMAZING week in the mountains of Colorado with KT Tunstall and her new band. She's a beautiful talent, Singer/Songwriter and guitarist coming out with her 5th album and I'm so excited to be a part of her upcoming tour.  I get to flex my keyboard muscles as well as sing backup.  Sounds like the perfect job for me!

This Friday, I'll be down in San Diego to join the Curtis Taylor Quartet at Bourre 7-9PM- He's an awesome trumpet player that I knew back in New York and his music is beautiful.  Looking forward to that!

Also, don't forget, next month I'm at the Baked Potato with my band - April 12!!



Made it

It's Feb 1 and I'm happy to say I survived January.  Between moving out of New York, my TV job being over, and my dad's passing, it has been challenging but I feel strong and am ready to see what California is all about.  I live near some pretty good hiking so that will probably be my first adventure.  I'm ready to write some new songs for the next album, and I'm loving the peace and quiet of my new apartment.  It's a pretty perfect setting to be able to sit there and let the words come.  

Tonight, I'm getting my feet wet with a bunch of new musicians I just met.  Vocalist/Bassist Jen Oberle is hosting a Kate Bush tribute at Molly Malone's in West Hollywood. 8PM.  See you there!