Makeover Vol. 1 Is Here!

Makeover Volume 1 is now available for purchase on iTunes, CDbaby, and Bandcamp -

Makeover Volume 1 is one of 4 EPs featuring cover songs reconfigured and arranged.

This volume features Rachel on Rhodes and vocals, Chris Parrello on guitar, Jesse Fischer on organ, David Cutler on bass and Jerome Jennings on drums.  The EP was engineered, mixed and mastered by Jesse Fischer at Electrik Inidgo Studios in Brooklyn, NY.  Click on photo or weblinks above to purchase.

Makeover Vol 1


My album is here!  The official release date of ‘Let Go’ is April 15, 2014.  I’m so excited!!!


I want to make special mention of a few pledgers…

First, Larry Herman, of the infamous Phoenix-based duo, Larry and Retha. Thank you for being a part of my journey!  You can catch Larry and Retha out and about in Arizona frequenting Jazz events.  When you see them, be sure to say hello, they are quite friendly.

Next, Jack Harman, a Phoenix artist performing at some cool events soon – I met Jack while living in Phoenix.  He presents the Great American Songbook in his own style -Stay in touch with him on Facebook to find out more about where he’ll be swingin’!

Then there’s the soulful Allan Harris from New York City.  Allan is an exceptional guitarist and singer with numerous tours under his belt, as well as albums.  He’s about to embark on another world tour.  Check out this video directed by Michael Chow.  I love the black and white New York images -


And you can catch him on tour -!tour/c1l1g

P.S. – thanks Pat!!

Last, there’s the amazing Leta Eckroth.  My mother and biggest fan.  She’s also grandmother to a bunch of superstar kids, and a pretty great singer too!  My mom taught me to be a nice person and to be different.  Thanks mom! I love you:))

Well, for those of you who have read this entire blog post, here’s a link to a FREE DOWNLOAD one of the songs from the album.

Words Don’t Mean.’


From my family to yours.

From my family to yours.

There’s nothing more fun, crazy, amazing, annoying, and beautiful than growing up in a family with lots of siblings.  The dynamic between siblings 1 and 2 is different than the dynamic between 2 and 3 and so forth – this makes life very not boring.  Christmas was always a crazy time in my house – Between finding the perfect gift for my parents (and purchased by my parents), eating loads of cookies then running around the house on a sugar high, and us kids getting a little jealous when one of the siblings got a bigger box than we did, it got more complicated as we got older.  Somehow our parents learned how to cope with the madness over the years without going too nuts.  Now it’s our turn to try to balance the crazy and the calm during the holidays  with all the new kids running (mostly crying at this stage) around.  Life has passed the torch on to my generation now and I’m just happy that the cousins get to hang out and play together as they grow up  and I get to watch all the madness go down without having to be the parent (haha).

Nothing beats family at the Holidays!















We’re getting ready for the Blue Note show Late Night on Saturday August 10 – I’m totally excited, the band is sounding great…..just gotta find something to wear!

Here’s a recent interview by the Revivalist, discussing the upcoming album and next week’s show.  Check it out!


In anticipation of the album, ‘Let Go’, I’m streaming a tune as a sneak preview on my Soundcloud page.  Take a listen, I hope you enjoy it!


See you at the Blue Note!



I had the best time in Australia and New Zealand this past month.  Check out my photo montage:)

The first stop was New Zealand.  We made it to the north part of the island, and it was beautiful.  Auckland was a refreshing city.

I had a chance to explore Sydney quite a bit.  This shot is taken from the Royal Botanic Gardens right across from the Opera House.

We travelled to Brisbane which was a nice warm town (Australia is in its’ winter so this was a nice departure).

Australia loves their Ferris Wheels.

Melbourne was more my speed.  It’s an amazing city with a European vibe, lots of great cafes and bars, and a riverwalk that was jumping at night.

Our last stop was in Perth.  We took advantage of a day off to take the train to the Indian Ocean!! That was my favorite part of the trip.  The ocean was a clear dark blue, and wild beautiful birds were everywhere.  Annette (one of the backup singers) and I spent about 3 hours at a cafe (Il Lido) on the beach enjoying breakfast, coffees, then champagne, some wine, lunch….etc.  Great experience!

Until next time!


To Your Health

Recently, after years of enjoying sweet treats, coffee, diet coke, and adult beverages, my body decided I was done.  I was getting frequent dizzy spells, blood sugar crashes and just constant low energy.  I tried cutting out certain things like just pasta or just sweets, but I was still having the same issues.  So, I decided to go cold turkey and it actually worked great.  I cut out everything that I thought I loved, including coffee:( – but found so many other things to replace cravings for sugars.

A great way to replace ice cream is to freeze banana slices, then put them in the blender with a little unsweetened organic almond milk, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, a teaspoon of flax oil and you have the most delicious smoothie ever. If you want to add some unsweetened chocolate powder, that’s always good too!

Here’s something I threw together with cheap items from my kitchen -

Green Plantain

Quinoa (cooked)

Small White Beans


Fry it all up in a little olive oil….

And you get a low glycemic, high protein meal.  Tomorrow, add an egg, and it’s breakfast!!

See ya!